Toronto Biennial of Art TODAY at Sugar Beach

Image credit: Judy Chicago in collaboration with Pyro Spectaculars by Souza, Diamonds in the Sky,2021 Fireworks performance Belen, NM © Judy Chicago/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York; © Donald Woodman/ARS, New York

Come and discover this new concept of art where you will be able to picture with your own eyes what nowadays is called “Ephemeral Performance”. Do you know what that means?

Why is the concept created? Well, we know that Toronto Biennial, or art since its launch in 2019 is bringing to the people the opportunity of experiencing high quality and accessible contemporary art, always innovating and introducing new concepts of art. This year won’t be different. Let’s have a deeper look into Today’s event today at Sugar beach. 

Judy Chicago in collaboration with Pyro. Spectaculars by Souza, Purple Poem for Miami, 2019. Fireworks performance Commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami in conjunction with the exhibition.

“Smoke sculpture” by Judy Chicago

Today at 8:00 pm the sugar beach will turn into a colorful cloud, with the use of pyrotechnic to mark the closure of the Biennial. This smoke sculpture by Judy in collaboration with Pyro Spectacular by Souza. Was created as a response|reflection|inspiration of Lake Ontario. Tonight the Torontonians will be able to witness an ephemeral art, what is mean that it will never be repeated in human history, the whole idea of this new concept of art highlight the value of the art in the present ratchet that the classical art which the importance and price increase with the pass of the years. Inside an ephemeral performance, the audience is part of the art as well. The value of ephemeral performance is because even if the artist wants to recreate the art piece it’s unable to do it, as not the same audience will attend or the environment will be different even the dust powder won’t behave in the same way as the last time. So I invite you to attend, experience, live, and be part of the art of Judy. 

Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party. 1978. Permanently on view at the @brooklynmuseum. Photo of Brooklyn museum.

«Colour is the through-line in my work, whether ephemeral or

explored in more tangible forms such as paintings or sculpture. Colour is a doorway to many aspects of the human condition–from the terrifying to the sublime.” Judy Chicago

A little more about Judy, so you can understand (which is not the idea of art) and empathize with her art. Mrs.Chicago started exploring pyrotechnic art 50 years ago. She is a USA artist well known and claimed one of the best artists of our time for her installations, painting, and sculptures, Judy considers herself a feminist, a fact that we can see in her masterpiece “the dinner Party”. A triangular table with 39 guests, each spot is to honor a woman from prehistory to the empire era. Other well known pieces of Chicago are “The bird project” and “powerplay”.

Judy Chicago: Judy Chicago, 2020. @Judy Chicago/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photo ©Donald Woodman/ARS, New York.

As an Important note, I must say that this “smoke sculpture” pyrotechnic has passed the standard for safety by environmental standards. All the materials used in this performance are non-toxic for the audience and the explosion of the powder has a very low level of noise.

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