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The ROM Photography by @lidiatoronto

Did you know that The ROM is the largest museum in Canada? When you visit the museum you can find art pieces and collections from all eras, including the oldest piece – 20 million years old. Besides many valuable art pieces and collections from China, Egypt, and America the ROM is well known for hosting the most extensive collection of Canadian heritage art in the world. The general entrance is 23 CAD but if you are on a budget, you can visit on Wednesday nights and have all the experience for free. Prepare yourself to have a tranquil visit! 

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The original architecture of the ROM was built in 1912 with the Romanesque revival architecture style where 90% of the wall and structure were made of buff-colored and terracotta. The ones in charge of this beautiful design were the Torontonians Darling and Pearson. At the start the themuseum was under the management of UofT for 56 years until 1968 when the Ontario government took charge. Then in 2007, a new era for the ROM started when the west wing was added. A “Crystal» section holds aluminium and steel, designed by Daniel Libeskind. He brought some concerts to the locals who didn’t agree at all with the aesthetics of the Museum. 

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When you visit the ROM you will be able to find 5 major galleries, Archeology, Palaeontology, Mineralogy, Zoology and Geology and 40 sub galleries hosting around 6 million art pieces. Some of the most famous is the Barosaurus, one of the most precious pieces in the Rom as very few and rare skeletons like this are in the world. The Martian Meteorite from the red planet crashed and was found in the north of Africa. The striding Lion is famous for being molded and baked over 2000 years ago.  The Minoan Bull leaping is famous for being the most controversial piece in the museum (because of its originality) dating about 1600 B.C. These and many other interesting/magnificent pieces are part of every room in the ROM. 

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With around 1.3 million annual visitors, the ROM is located in 1st place in Canada for highest attendance and 7th in North America. The social impact of the ROM on society is a matter to highlight. The board directors have the mission of transforming visitors’ life by giving them the accessibility to understanding the past. So they can shape the future. With local visitors 

The room has the engagement to retribute art and history to the Torontonians who would like to get involved, It offers secondary school courses exploring themes from Science to Humanities. Moreover, it has a program that produces and distributes two types of Travelling Education School KITS Cases and Resource Boxes, both of which bring the ROM to the classroom. All of this and many more programs can be found in person by visiting the museum or online on their website. Do not miss the opportunity to live a Royal experience and visit it soon.

The ROM Photography by @patatoblogs

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