The debut of the Mexican committee in NAPAMA

By Cristina Vázquez

Over a year ago I became one of the first Mexican women to be a member of Managers and Agents of the Performing Arts of North America, NAPAMA as this association is better known, which emerged in 1979 and is headed by an African-American woman, Gail Boyd.

And shortly afterwards, the Mexican Committee was formed within the organization, of which I am a part together with cultural producer, consultant and manager Claudia Norman and internationalist, specialist in the performing arts and artistic representative Pablo Solís, with the purpose of consolidating its North American vocation since the existence of the Canadian Committee is longer.

The official presentation of the Mexican Committee took place just last May 17 and 18, 2021, within the annual NAPAMA retreat, which was held virtually, in a couple of round tables moderated by Leah Keith, producer and agent of the Rhythm of the Arts company, and Lynn Fisher.

Fisher, in addition to being a member of the board of directors of NAPAMA alongside Leah, has worked in the management and contracting of Mexican artists in the US. She is the founder and director of Frontera Arts and manager of the Mexican company Delfos Danza Contemporánea.

My main mission as a producer, programmer and cultural manager at Contenidos Artísticos in the Mexican Committee is to foster alliances and a permanent dialogue between colleagues in the performing arts, from both sides of the border, and to bring more Mexican artists to the United States.

Contenidos Artísticos has managed to attract a dozen Mexican members for NAPAMA, taking advantage of the fact that registration to the association is and will be free until November of this year at least.

Among those who have entered are Cézar Barajas, coordinator of artistic programming at the Santander Ensemble of Performing Arts, located in Guadalajara; Álvaro Lara, director of artistic programming at the State Institute of Culture of Guanajuato; Mónica Frías, director of Verbigracia, an agency for the cultural and artistic management of musical groups, and dancer, producer and cultural manager Ireri Mugica, among others.

At the NAPAMA retreat, we announced some of the activities planned by the Mexican Committee, such as the webinar How to tour in Mexico ?, scheduled for June 23, at 12 pm Central Standard Time (CST), and 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). It’s purpose is to approach the subject from the governmental perspective, focused on the central region of the country, as well as from the independent experience.

The panelists are to be Katia Nilo, director of artistic and cultural development at the Cultural Institute of León, where she is in charge of the executive direction of the National Book Fair and the management of the International Contemporary Art Festival, and Eugenio Elías, co-creator and co-director of the company DeQuinta Producciones,

dedicated to promoting and producing series of jazz concerts and conferences, such as New York Jazz All Stars, as well as being co-founder of Zinco Jazz Club in Mexico City.

In the second round table of the NAPAMA retreat I told Americans interested in doing tours in Mexico that the two great moments of the year to program in the country are during April-May, when government funds have already been released, and October -November, a period in which a large number of cultural activities take place, such as the International Cervantino Festival, the most important festival of its kind in Latin America, held in the city of Guanajuato.

The Mexican Committee of NAPAMA also has contemplated a talk in August with Mexican managers and a second webinar in the fall with agents and managers from the United States to learn about their needs and give continuity to the exchange of performing artists between both nations.

Although the June webinar is aimed only at NAPAMA members, if the topic is of interest to you, you can contact me through my email: or become a member of the organization now that it has no cost. You will then also be able to access programs such as the Mentoring and Peer Coaching, in which a professional provides advice on any topic related to the performing arts industry.

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