The art in Canada and how to take advantage of that

Photo by Raymundo Moreno

For this first edition, I wanna introduce a section created and dedicated to the art, not just in Toronto but in Canada. 

Maybe you know the phrase of Descartes who says “I think, therefore I am”. I think it must be “I create art, then I think, therefore I am”. Do you remember when you were 3-5 years old doing sandcastles or perhaps you were the one who loved colouring the walls or just dancing, moving the whole skeleton as a baby? Yes, all those things are art.

The Leonard Cohen Crescent Street Mural. (Montreal). Created by artist Gene Pendon. Photo by Raymundo Moreno

So the question here is when did we stop doing it? And why? I think it is all related to the point when we “grow up”, we want to be nice people and we want to be fit in the standards of what is considered being cool. Maybe we thought that our actions were too childish to keep going with that freedom, or maybe we became scared of people judging our creations. Do you remember when you stopped using your imagination?

Wonderland. (Calgary). Created by artist Jaume Plensa. Photo by Raymundo Moreno. 

Sadly our society teaches us how to be a good student, a good person, or a good citizen, but they forget to teach us how to follow our very first instinct, to be a creator. Nowadays everybody is so scared of pursuing their dreams, because as they said you can’t eat from your dreams! Come on. I am not saying that the life of an artist is easy going but when you have so much passion for something, you should go for it!

Anyways this new section is for those, for all of us who lose hope thinking that art doesn’t matter. 

Conversation. (Calgary). Created by artist Willian Hodd McElcheran. Photo by Raymundo Moreno. 

I wanna invite you to go together and remind us what it feels like to be a creator, to be an artist. So in a few words, I would like to say that this section is for all of us who got lost in the path, the ones who love to play a guitar or piano, those who wish to learn how to dance, how to paint, how to create sculptures.

Probably you wonder why to create a whole section to talk about art and why it is so important? Well, definitely art plays a huge role in society more than governments, catholic institutions, or even citizens can realize. Art is present everywhere and in every aspect of our life. We just need a little switch that once you activate, it will guide you deeper until one day you will realize your life has changed throughout the art.

Commercial work. (Toronto). Created by Artist John Kuna. Photo by Raymundo Moreno

These days, art has been used as a therapy, as a job, as a way of protest. If we can go a bit deeper, we will realize that many dance techniques, music genres, and paintings were done as a reflection of life in society.

This section has no more but the intention of the readers to become interested in the art, as we believe that we as humans need so much inspiration and we will find it over there, not just in the moments of uncertainty but when we are able to help us to express ourselves.

MAC Musee d’art contemporain de Montréal. (Montréal). Futuring Leonard Cohen Exposition. Photo by Raymundo Moreno.

As a community in a foreign country, you need to get involved in the culture of one place to become part of that. As a human, after you are a part of society, you will navigate much better, which will increase your chances to create a strong network and improve your way of living.

So perhaps next time when you see any sculpture in the park, listen to someone singing in the subway, or notice graffiti around the corner of your house, you should start thinking of them as an art and part of the culture of the city you are living in.

For our next post we will be talking about each art discipline, how many they are and what is the beauty in them. 

ELLA (Toronto). Created by Red Dress Productions. Photo by Gvarami Labartkava. 

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