The anti Trump vote from literature and the arts

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By Cristina Vázquez

Everything except standing by in the face of a regime that has legitimized racism, misogyny and xenophobia in the United States. Siri Hustvedt, 2019 Princess of Asturias Award for Literature, the highest award in literature, is a great activist for the progressive vote in the electoral process in her native country.

A decisive activist in favor of the survival of American democracy, the novelist and essayist founded the Writers Against Trump movement to prevent the republican’s reelection in a second term of government on November 3.

To date, almost 1,900 intellectuals have joined the call that Siri made alongside her husband, famous writer Paul Auster, to promote the anti-Trump vote, whose presidency, they consider, is «racist, destructive, incompetent, corrupt and fascist.» and for that reason they have given their language, thought and time to his defeat.

Under the conviction that writers have a deep understanding that words change the course of history, Writers Against Trump groups not only American citizens, but also those who live in other countries, some ruled by totalitarianism, because they are concerned that the US abandon its commitment to democratic ideals by privileging plutocracy.

Voting for Trump, Siri believes, means denying recognition to the Others (black people, women, immigrants, LGBTTTIQ people) as part of American culture and society, as recognized in an interview with journalist Patricio Zunini on September 27, 2020 .

Not all soloists, companies or artistic groups can speak openly against Trump, as Siri has done when taking part, for example, in mass protests, perhaps because they would put the funding they receive for their projects at risk because they come from conservative backers.

BIPOC creators, as the black, indigenous and people of color are called by its acronym, have chosen to promote the vote, since abstentionism tends to favor Republicans, mainly the abstentionism of Latinos, whose support is vital to define the candidate who will reach the White House. With 32 million voters, Latinos make up the largest minority group to participate in an American election, according to The New York Times.

These artists and cultural institutions, while highlighting the values of inclusion and equality, also encourage early voting on Election Day, for example through the postal service, which from my point of view operates safely and efficiently In addition to being an important option for the military and citizens who live outside the United States to exercise this democratic right.

Early voting by mail began in mid-September 2020 in some states of the American Union, because each one is governed by its own rules in the electoral process. As of the close of this column, more than 50 million voters had already voted through the mail or in places where they can vote for either Trump or his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, according to the count carried out by the University of Florida.

The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture (American Department of Arts and Culture), an organization founded by civil society that encourages creativity and social imagination in favor of a culture of empathy, equity and belonging, was a sponsor on October 23 of a concert , along 2,000 miles of the border between Mexico and the United States, to promote the Latino vote among young people and stop the controversial construction of the wall, an electoral promise that Trump made in 2016.

«Rock The border, Stop The Wall» brought together more than 30 musicians, activists and artists from border states such as California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in a free event that lasted about four hours and was broadcast on Facebook and the site of The No Border Wall Coalition website, Laredo, 10 days before the general elections in the United States, under the awareness that Latino youth increasingly have a crucial voice in political decisions in this country.

Due to the probability that on November 3 it will not be known which presidential candidate won the election, the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture plans actions to confront this environment of uncertainty and ensure that democracy remains in place.

And it is that Trump has declared on several occasions that there will be electoral fraud, especially with regard to voting by mail, and has incited his followers to demonstrate en masse if the polls give victory to his rival.

The Writers Against Trump collective also aims to protect the elections from any possible theft and prepare through mobilizations in the event of post-election problems. This is how the cultural community unites to keep the population attached to civility and to keep it «stronger and more powerful than the intolerance and hatred that could be expressed in the streets.»

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