Martha Batiz will address violence in Latin America at UofGH

University of Guelph-Humber instructor and award-winning author and playwright Dr. Martha Batiz will set forth how social injustice and organized crime has increased in Latin America, specially in Mexico her native country, during the UofGH’s Winter 2020 Feature Lecture event: “An Author’s Journey: Exploring the Political Violence of Latin America.”

Dr. Batiz who left Mexico for Canada in 2000, will recount how these social problems have evolved in the last two decades while the Mexican government and the society at large have not do anything to stop it, so now the reality is major and disastrous in terms of inequality and poverty.

It is expected that Dr. Batiz talks about violence against women in Mexico due thousands of protestors have taken the streets to call the authorities to taken concrete action against the country’s femicide epidemic. According con official data, ten women are killed a day in Mexico .

“I feel terrible of course, and I’m very concerned. I have seen how it has worsened year by year. Mexican people are incredibly generous, nice, kind-hearted people, and most of them are victims of this. They are hard-working and decent and dealing with this monster that no one knows how to stop.” Dr. Batiz reflected.

At the University of Guelph-Humber, Dr. Batiz teaches the Electives course, “Spanish Language & Culture,” in which she stresses that despite the violence she’s described in the region, Latin America is ultimately a joyful place.

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