Half of Canadians taking extra precautions as coronavirus continues to spread around the globe

As the number of people confirmed to have contracted a new strain of coronavirus continues to rise, Canadians are remaining relatively calm, at least when they consider the situation domestically.

A new study from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds three-in-ten (30%) residents in this country say they are worried that they may contract the virus, for which researchers across the globe are racing to create a vaccine.

Anxiety is much greater when Canadians apply their lens more broadly. Four-in-ten (40%) are concerned about the impact the outbreak may have on their community, and three-quarters (76%) are concerned about the impact on the global community, as they watch the death count rise in China.

Most are approaching the situation with caution. Half of Canadians are taking some form of extra care, whether that is washing their hands more often or avoiding public places. Further, half (48%) say they would cancel any plans to travel areas in and around China that have been most affected, while just one-in-twelve (8%) say the coronavirus would not affect their travel decisions at all.

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