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Entering the Path of Creativity

Are you a creative person? I believe anyone can improve their creativity. Creativity is akin to exercise, the first time you go for a run you won’t get too far but with...

We will never see this again

By r.d.c. kreimerman 20:20:20 in 202One On July 11,  2021 we witnessed a momentous event in the world of professional Tennis. Novak Djokovic from Serbia, won...


Her name is Cherry, she is a hound that could well be a Walker Coonhound or a Harrier (She looks a bit like a Beagle only bigger) She is very active and very sociable. I...

Edad de Oro

By Cristina Vázquez Today being an older person does not mean the end of dreams, goals, exploring and taking on new challenges, rethinking limits … with the same...

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